The Most Efficient Ways to Keep Your Yard Safe

While it’s unlikely for people to forget about installing security devices to monitor their homes and increase safety, what they usually forget is that the yard needs protection as well. When talking about the safety of the yard, we actually refer to the items that are found in this area of your property. Also, the garage and the items that you keep stored in it are included. To find out which are the most efficient ways to keep your yard safe, continue to read this article.

Keep your garage safe from break-ins by installing the Chamberlain WD832KEV garage door opener

For the small price of around $250, you can keep your garage and all the items that you have stored inside it safe from burglars by installing the Chamberlain WD832KEV garage door opener. What this security device does is to ensure that strangers won’t be able to open the door of the garage. Also, it will allow you to open and close the garage door without doing any effort yourself, but rather by simply pushing the button on a remote control. The best part is that this garage door opener is MyQ enabled. Therefore, it gives you the possibility to check on the garage door when you’re away, allowing you to even open and close it remotely via your smartphone.

Monitor your yard and those who enter it with the Kuna security camera and outdoor light

To know for sure that no intruders are trespassing and damaging your yard and the furniture pieces and other objects that are found on your property, you must install the ingenious Kuna security camera and outdoor light. What makes this security device such a great option to go with is the fact that it doesn’t only double as a normal outdoor light, but it tricks strangers into believing that this is its only capability. In fact, the reality is different, this device monitoring every movement in your yard. To purchase it, you will have to spend $200. It sounds off a loud 100 dB alarm siren when anyone trespasses to scare intruders. Also, it allows you to both listen to those who are outside of your house and talk to them without getting out as well.

Keep an eye on the yard when night comes with the Samsung SDC-7340BCB Night Vision security camera

To keep a close eye on your yard when night comes in order to ensure that everything’s alright and that intruders won’t make an appearance, install the Samsung SDC-7340BCB Night Vision security camera. It costs only $70. Being specially made for outdoor use, it’s waterproof. The LED lamps that it features give it a night vision range of up to 82 feet. It records in crisp 720p video. To not ruin the appearance of the exterior wall of your house, you can hide the wires of this camera with the bracket that it comes with. In addition, this bracket offers increased protection for the camera, keeping the wire safe from being damaged.