The Costs of Building a Pool in the Backyard

Is your plan for this summer to build a swimming pool? If so, then this is without a doubt a wonderful idea for you and your family, as you will be able to relax and swim as often as you want. Take a look at the costs of building a pool in the backyard, so that you know exactly if you can afford a project like this or not.

Consider the pool size

The first thing you need to have in mind when building a swimming pool is its size. Therefore, the larger the pool will be, the more you will have to pay for it. Furthermore, the installation costs will be higher as well. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you do not build a very big pool, unless it is necessary and money are not a problem for you.

What type of pool do you want?

Once you have chosen the size, you will need to choose the type as well, because prices are certainly different. Do you want an above or an in-ground pool? You can save lots of money if you opt for an above ground pool. The excavation aspect when it comes to in ground pools and the materials needed for their construction will be extremely high, and this is why it is recommended to choose the above ground type. However, this type of swimming pool will not add the same value to your home as an in ground one will do.

Take into account the pool materials

Do you want a tiled pool, a cement one, or maybe you prefer vinyl-lined pools? Each of these materials has a different cost. Solid concrete pools are very expensive but they last a very long period of time. The other materials are more affordable but they are not high quality. Therefore, decide what you actually want and can afford as well. Keep in mind that the costs can start from $15000 and end can go up to $30000, depending on the size and the materials as well.

The heating and filtration systems are also important

This is another additional cost to consider. You can find on the market these days low-priced heating and filtration systems. However, it is highly recommended to invest in quality products so that you can obtain excellent results. Keep in mind to get a robotic pool cleaner as well, which you will need to use regularly in order to have a clean swimming pool at all times. This will also cost you some money. Depending on the brand you will choose, you can pay for a machine like this up to $1000. All in all the maintenance of a swimming pool will definitely cost you between $1500 and $3000 a year.