The Best Garden Decorations you Can Make Yourself

Do you want to decorate your garden without spending a fortune on some colorful ornaments? Then, think about creating your own decorations and turn your backyard into a nice place to spend some relaxing moments. Therefore, in order to help you find inspiration, we have gathered the best garden decorations you can make yourself.

Make garden lanterns

Make your own lanterns from recycled tin cans and place them in your yard along the walkways. These types of outdoor lighting will actually look great and will beautify the place. As such, if you are ready to start this fun activity, you will need some metal cans, spray paint, a few candles,a hammer, and nails. Make some holes in your metal cans by following a design. When the design is complete, you can start painting the can. Put the candle inside the can and your lantern is ready to be used. You can place the lanterns along the walkways or you can hang them from a tree.

Paint your garden furniture

Are you tired of having the same pieces of furniture in your backyard every year? If so, it’s time to make a change. Paint the old bench and place it under a tree. By using a few napkins and a Decoupage technique, you can create a great piece of furniture with a romantic flair. Furthermore, you can also use the same technique for the garden chairs and table. You can be a bit creative and recycle the old cabinet with drawers. Paint it in a vintage color and turn it into a flower planter. This is an amazing idea which will look great in your yard.

Unique umbrella ornament

Have you ever tried to use an umbrella as a flower planter? In fact, this is an amazing thing which will provide a lot of benefits. Have you noticed that your flowers are always being off to the side because of your umbrella? The perfect solution to this problem is to turn your umbrella into a flower planter. Take a plastic planter and measure the width of your umbrella post. Draw the cut-out area and remove it with a knife. Feed the umbrella post through the hole and plant your flowers. This way, the umbrella will play a double role: it can protect you from the sun and become a great decoration for your backyard.