Garden Designs that Require Little Maintenance

Would you like to have a beautiful garden yet a very easy to maintain one? If so, then you can definitely obtain this result if you follow some simple steps. You can take the necessary inspiration from the following garden designs that require little maintenance.

Opt for a contemporary design

If you really want to have a beautiful garden that will require just a little maintenance, then it is recommended to go for a contemporary design. These garden designs are very easy to create and very easy to maintain as well. You have one of the best examples in this picture, where the owner has actually chosen to create a lawn surrounded by a few plants and small decorative trees, and a great seating area. The only thing you will actually need to do would be to cut the lawn regularly and water your plants.

Build a water feature

A water feature will make a boring garden look very nice. If you want to maintain your garden with little effort, then it is highly recommended to go for just a few plants and no flowers at all, as they are very hard to maintain. Instead, you can build a water feature to add some beauty to the whole place. You can either choose stone or brick for this sort of project. If you still want to have some flowers as well, then you could opt for some potted ones. Place all sort of decorations, in order to avoid having a too boring garden.

Go for potted plants and flowers

You will probably think that a garden just like the one in this picture is kind of hard to maintain, but the truth is that it is actually very easy due to the fact that all plants and flowers are potted. Therefore, you could also take into account this wonderful idea. Just create a lawn and a seating area, and surround yourself with some beautiful potted flowers and plants as well. By doing so, you will definitely create a little paradise where you will highly relax and enjoy a nice day of summer. All in all, these three garden designs that require little maintenance presented in this article, will certainly inspire you to achieve your goal with ease.