5 Easy Steps to Take Care of Your Lawn

Nothing could be more satisfying than having a beautiful, green garden. Actually, this shouldn’t be so difficult, if you pay more attention to your lawn which is the most important element of your garden. In order to help you, we provide you with a guide where you can find 5 easy steps to take care of your lawn.

Test the soil

Maybe it sounds very strange, but it’s important to test the soil before applying any kind of fertilizer. By testing the soil, you will see its pH level and you will know what type of fertilizer should be applied. For example, if the soil is slightly acidic, you need to raise its pH level by pulverizing lime to it. On the other hand, to lower the pH of moderately alkaline soils, you should add peat moss, sulfur or iron sulfate.

Apply fertilizer

When it comes to fertilizing the lawn, it’s very important to know that you need to schedule your lawn fertilization, so you favor the grass and not the weeds that grow in it. In several regions, the best time to fertilize is in early spring and mid to late fall, but this depends on each area in part. However, you can ask for details on a local nursery or an agricultural extension office. Think about using organic lawn care products which can help your lawn become more beautiful and healthy.

Water the lawn

If you are thinking about paying more attention to your garden, especially to your lawn, you need to know that watering is very important. It’s recommended to water it occasionally, but deeply. By watering the roots you can maintain the grass healthy and lush. On the other hand, keep in mind to water in early morning or late evening to reduce water loss from evaporation. Although you can use a couple of leftover plastic food containers, you can also use an irrigation gauge which can measure the output of sprinklers.

Mow the lawn

One of the most important factors in maintaining an established lawn is to use a quality robot lawn mower. Nowadays, most people are using these types of devices due to their high-tech features. Most units are equipped with attentive anti-theft systems and built-in safety measures which make them more efficient. Furthermore, they are designed to maneuver over tricky terrain with obstacles, so you should think about purchasing such a unit because it will save a lot of your work and time.

Remove the leaves

Take proper care of your lawn, especially in autumn when the leaves can cause you real problems. Use a rake and remove the leaves and the debris from your lawn. Moreover, you can use a leaf vacuum system or a leaf blower which can help improve your lawn care.